Suspended project - cwmm

i guess i broke the disk storage limit.
please take it online again so i can delete the created files and save them on a ftp server instead of saving it in the app dir.


Did you emailed the Glitch support? Or mentioned them on Twitter?

I emailed them a few days ago already, but didn’t get a reply yet

Just wait, they may be busy in other business there somewhere.

Hey @blubbll sorry for the bother! We missed your message, but I’ve granted that project additional space for 24 hours. It looks like your git repo is a little sizeable, and that in combination with a few sizeable folders have taken you over the edge. Moving the contents of those dated directories should suffice to get you back in shape.

hi cori i have a project with the same issue currently, i just havent had the time to report the issue, i forget the name of the project though…

Hey @Jonyk56 when you remember which project is having the issue let us know and we’ll take a look!


Could resolve it and change to ftp for storing mode again.
Thank you for unlocking the project again, i didn’t had a backup anywhere.

It’s suspended again?

This time i didn’t store the files on disk though.
I’ma try setting up the project clean again from git, working on it at cwwm2 right now.
@cori can you tell me what’s the problem at the said project this time? thanks

Hey @blubbll it looks like your git repo is the problem right now. I’ve added temporary disk space for you and you can follow the steps at Glitch full disk error to resolve it.

Well, i’ve moved on to cwmm-2, since the problem came back.
and then deleted cwmm and renamed cwmm-2 to cwmm.
it’s fine now.

Ok, you’ll still want to follow the steps in that post or your new project may run into the same problem eventually.