Suspended project. "Error while preparing project"

Hi there, one of my team’s projects,!/fav-kitties-compress-starter
was suspended. The error says:

fav-kitties-compress-starter has been suspended
Reason: Error while preparing the project. Please contact Glitch Support.

This happened a while back and I think the issue was that we needed to delete node_modules because it had grown too large. I also think that we may have disabled pnpm at one point and switched to using npm and I’m curious if that might be the root cause of the issue? Is there any way to check if pnpm or npm is enabled?

@robdodson hello! this issue happens when there’s an issue starting the project up. I can un-suspend it for you.

Just a heads up that project is also nearly full on disk usage, so you may want to take a look to see what’s going on. If you disabled pnpm all your node modules count against your quota. If you’d like to try switching back, you can run enable-pnpm in the project console to switch back.

Hey Potch, thanks for taking a look.

I’m trying to sort out why it’s using up the disk quota. It seems to be continually creating git checkpoints:

The glitch itself is running webpack on startup, but the webpack output is in .gitignore.

Taking a look in the terminal, it seems like it is using pnpm (if that symlink is to be believed).

I also ran git prune; git gc as instructed in the App Status panel but that doesn’t seem to have affected memory usage.