Suspended project screen can show incorrect name

I noticed that one of my projects (easrng-cors-anywhere) was suspended. When I clicked the browser’s back button, the name in the suspended project dialog changed, even though the project I had navigated to wasn’t suspended. Please fix this glitch. Video of this behavior:


Sorry for the mouse being off position in the video.

Hmmm… this could have resulted in many wrong suspended project reports. @glitch_support I think this is important for people who are reporting their projects to be suspended.

Hi @easrng,

Thanks for reporting this and sorry it’s giving you trouble. I have asked our team to look into this.

Based on our current list of work-in-progress items, I’m not sure when this will be investigated, but we’ll update you once there’s progress on this issue. In the meantime, if you would like to add more information about how this is affecting you, please feel free to do so in this thread and we’ll add it to the report.

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I think that this is only a UI issue, and it does not auto suspend new projects. (at least I think)

Correct, it is only a nuisance. It causes no issues a refresh can’t fix.

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