Suspended project

“project rin-mangakawaii suspended: Excessive outbound requests. Please create a new topic mentioning your project name and suspension reason in our support forum (”

so i get that and … i don’t know …
and i can’t get the project’s files …
link to my project HERE

Thanks for creating a topic. We logged around 500K outbound requests from this project in a few minutes. What is it that you were intending to do? We’d be happy to re-enable it and help you fix up your project so it doesn’t cause problems for other services.

My project is a simple discord bot so i don’t know what is the matter, maybe something from my code. But i’m ready to solve this problem with you.

Ok, we’ll unsuspend it. If you can share a join link to the project with me via DM, then we’ll take a look and see if we can see what’s causing the issue. Thanks.

Ok thank you for your quick reaction it is very useful to me !!!

It’s available again - here’s how to get the join link:

can’t send you dm … i don’t know …

You should see the message option when you click on my name. If not, mail me it at Thanks

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did you get it now ?

Yes, thank you for sending it to me.