Suspension because of node modules

Hi there , my application with the [link] (!/spicy-goose) has been suspended with the reason of
Reason: You exceeded the disk space limit on node_modules. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at
I dont actually know this is a rule on glitch , im a discord bot developer so i need a lot of modules to work with .
Can you please restore my project :smiley_cat:and i will cut the modules to minimum.
If not can i please restore my code as i dont have any backups and i spent a lot on it and i
certenly dont want to rewrite that much of code again.
Kind Regards , Jake.

Hey @kokkoooo, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I unsuspended your project and also ran enable-pnpm in the console; I suspect your project had a temporary installation problem.

Everything seems ok now but let us know if you have further issues.

Hi There , thanks for the reply and for fixing my issue :slightly_smiling_face:
Also , i will make sure to post a topic in this amazing community if i face any further problems.
Yet Again , My apologies for the misconvenience :slight_smile:
Kind Regards , Jake