Svelte/Sapper build failure? Logs are empty?

My project is here:

I wasn’t sure if the initial build for sapper supported scss, so I tried changing the style type and the css, and it didn’t work. So I changed everything back.

I assume my changes really broke the build. But the Logs are empty and show no build steps. I have changed colors, and HTML and they are saved in the editor — but they didn’t get built/deployed.

I can’t see build errors so I don’t really know how to proceed here. I’ve let it sit, and still not updated.

Hello @jobelenus, welcome to the forum!

I took a look at the project, and I think the issue is that glitch runs npm start instead of npm run dev as defined in package.json and so the automatic build is not running. You can try changing the start script to be the same command as dev, and that should get the incremental builds running. Let me know if that works!

Ahhhhh, OK thank you :smiley: