Switch from PowerShell to Windows Command Line

How do I programatically run commands on the Windows command line instead of the default PowerShell glitch puts you on? I need this because Windows command line searializes NBT in a different way than PowerShell does, and PowerShell’s method corrupts my NBT and results in it becoming invalid. Thanks.

Hey @CheatTriggers, I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to accomplish here; perhaps you can help us understand a little better?

The console that’s available in your Glitch project should put you in the bash environment of the Ubuntu OS that’s running your project’s container. There is no Windows command line or PowerShell command line available to you in the Glitch console. Can you give us the steps you follow to get to where you’re having trouble? Even better would be a project name we can take a look at.

Sorry I found a workaround myself, thanks for the assistance :slight_smile:

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