Syntax highlighting for .pug files


I noticed .jade files have syntax highlighting in the editor while .pug files do not.
The syntax differences look fairly minimal,
Would it be easy enough to enable the highlighting for .pug files?


Yeah it sounds like a small matter of editor language aliasing, i’ll look into it asap



Deployed a fix, check it out :slight_smile:


Nice! That was fast :thumbsup:


Similarly, could we alias .hbs / .handlebars for HTML-ish syntax highlighting?


Handlebars highlighting done too :slight_smile:


Do we have to do something to enable handlebars highlighting? For me everything in foo.hbs is black except for the brackets {{…}}. Or maybe I misunderstand what it does? I expect the file to be highlighted the same as HTML, with something added for the handlebars.

handlebars – Glitch!/thread-pickle?path=views/index.handlebars


same. @etamponi any chance you guys can use the codemirror handlebars highlighter?


We’re looking into the cause of the problem, hope to get it fixed up soon!


And handlebars code highlighting is fixed!


amazing response time, thank you!


Continuing the list of desiderata for syntax highlighting of template languages: could we have some extensions to trigger jinjia-like syntax-highlighting? I tried .jinja, .jinja2, .twig, .django, .njk to no avail.