Systematic crash when trying to copy a JavaScript file!

I can’t move forward because a script (jquery-ui-1.10.1.custom.min.js) crashes the entire dev area when I try to DnD the file. As soon as I release the mouse button for the drop, I see the message indicating it lost connection and when it reconnects, the file is ALWAYS empty!

It’s extremely frustrating … constant bugs that prevent me from being productive.

Workaround for now was to copy the file over to a server and then using the Console I did a ‘wget’ of the file. But it is seriously annoying.

It’s not a bug, there is a file size limit in place which prevents you copying and pasting or adding files, see here for more details -

The in-app messaging should make this clear, but doesn’t at the moment. The workaround we recommend is what you’ve done, I’m glad you we’re able to sort it yourself.