Tagging and searching for projects

I’ve recently added a project (GitHub repo) for searching for Unicode characters faster, showing whether a user’s installed fonts include specific characters, and includes encoding information for each character.

I looked up Unicode projects, but mine is not listed. What is listed are a few Unicode-related projects and a whole lot of empty projects with the default, placeholder description.

Is there a way to tag my project so it shows up in the results, and is there a way to drop empty projects from the results?

Reference: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/azure-alphant

Hey @SheilaRT,

When I searched for unicode character, I got your project in the results.

Currently, the search works based on the name and description of the projects. If the keyword used to search is found in the name or the description of a project, then that project is displayed as the result.

And I don’t think there is a way to tag projects or to filter out empty projects right now. You could try adding more terms to your project description.

Happy Glitching!


I just checked again, and sure enough, it does show up now. Perhaps there’s just a long delay when it comes to adding new projects into keyword searches.

Since searching on Glitch is including text from the description, tagging isn’t an issue, anymore. I thought maybe that’s what I had been missing, as I’m pretty new to Glitch (3 days). Clearly, the only thing I was missing was enough patience.

Thank you, and Happy Glitching to you, too!