Taichi.db at Glitch!

Yeah, it’s really quick & realtime Database manager.


npm install taichi.db

How to use

In glitch, Create a JSON file and Make the value as {} !

const db = require('taichi.db')

db.cdb('<json filename>')
// Now, Ready to Manage your own DATABASE

Read the Mini Docs at https://npmjs.com/taichi.db#readme

Made in Indonesia!

This packages is from Indonesian and Created by One Person only!


Wow! I like this a lot! Will take me a bit of time to use since I’m used to other dbs, but yeah.

i think you meant npm install taichi.db lol


:eyes: what if they put it in quick.db

Taichi.db Dude.

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In V2 Updates, The new Usage is:

const taichidb = require('taichi.db')
const db = taichidb('student.json') // Filename is optional. If it's not provide any filename, Taichi db will uses default path (at node_modules/taichi.db/db.json)

// Object example
db.set('Michael', {
  grade: '7',
  age: 14,
  gender: 'Male',
  attitude_value: 'B',
  total_scores: 778
// You don't need Async in Taichi.db.

// Get value
var michael = db.get('Michael')
// Do anything...

// Remove example
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