Take ownership of anonymously created app

Hi! I’ve just arrived and did some testing - and I love Glitch! I’ve created some app, THEN created an account. Now the app is owned by anonymous and I can’t change it - and I don’t want to create a new one as I’d like to use the https://spell-for-me.glitch.me/ address that I’ve chosen.

How can I now take ownership and remove the Anonymous member (my earlier self)?

Seems to be challengeable, but did you copied the invite link somewhere (like https://glitch.com/edit/#!/join/<random-string> before you take off?

No, I did not - I’ve just clicked “log in” aaand it was all gone. I couldn’t get back to the not logged state.

hi @MaciejGGH - because we have no way to verify you were that anonymous user, what i currently ask folks to do is

  1. remix the project so you can continue working on it and
  2. after 5 days since creation (in the case of this project that would be 10/22), if that anonymous project has no activity on it, i can give you it’s project name to swap with your remix.

if you let me know the name of the remix you make, i will make a note to make sure the name swap happens early on 10/22! you’re welcome to direct message me it if you prefer.


That’s a good enough solution. I was having some ideas on how to verify (IP, time, etc.) but this is nothing urgent and if we can eventually do it, that’s perfect.
I will PM the new name once I will get promoted to level that allows sending PMs :slight_smile:
Thanks @jenn !