Takes ages to load project

I have seen other reports similar, I just want to know why this is happening and if it’s fixable.

I’m so tired of spending 10 minutes reloading my project every time, it’s worse now since the project HAS to go to sleep so after a little break I have to reload the project for 10 minutes.

Are there any errors when you try to run it?

I mean, not really. It just loads and loads and loads.

Sometimes a red box at the top right side of the screen saying it failed to connect.

Can I see your logs?

I don’t know what you mean by logs, it’s not like I can get the project logs right now.

Here are the current errors:

Try reloading the weboage.

that is…what I’m doing…

nothing works, it’s like a 1 out of 10 000 it will actually load and not continue reloading. Such a pain in the ass

Contact support@glitch.com. In the meantime, clear your browser cache.

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i was able to fix it
all you need to do is wait about 3 million hours

oh how weird, for me it takes 5 million hours, lucky you


this is literally forcing me to use Visual Studio Code and eventually pay for a host smh

you could use https://panel.danbot.host
complete free hosting
(just saying their nodes are pretty much down most of the time)
idk if u can do what you want to do on that host

looks kinda sketchy

forgot to tell you you need discord to make an acc

There isn’t a need to panic, please contact support@glitch.com and they can sort this out.

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