Tarot card deck

Project URL: https://tarotcards.glitch.me

A tarot card deck featuring the Coleman-Smith tarot cards and divinatory text, plus Waite’s descriptions and meanings. You can arrange, rotate, and flip the cards and see what each card means. The cards are shuffled so that some are upside down (that can be important to the meaning of the card).

I made this project as a refresher for myself on vanilla JS and also as a way to learn how to make more accessible JavaScript apps. At first it was completely inaccessible to people who use keyboard navigation or screen readers and I’m working on making it better. I have a few more features I want to add too, including layout templates such as the Celtic cross.

Please let me know what you think.


From a technical and design standpoint, this is really cool and inspires a bunch of remix ideas for using other decks and even other types of card-based activities. Thanks for sharing!!