Teachable Machine Model Integration Issue - Camera Not Showing

im pretty beginner on this and chatgpt is helping me to write the code so i let it describe the issue :slight_smile:

I’m facing an issue with integrating a Teachable Machine pose model into my HTML project on Glitch. When I initially used a URL to access the model, the camera worked correctly. However, I now need to use locally uploaded model files, and the camera is not showing up.


  1. Project Overview: I’m working on a web project where I’m using a Teachable Machine pose model to interact with a real-time camera feed.
  2. Issue Details: After switching from a model hosted on a remote server to using locally uploaded model files, the camera feed is no longer displaying. There are no error messages, but the camera simply does not appear.
  3. Relevant Code: I’ve included the relevant HTML and JavaScript code in my project. I’ve double-checked the file paths and everything appears to be in order.
  4. File Structure: All model files (model.json, metadata.json, and weights.bin) are in the same directory as my HTML file.
  5. Steps Taken: I’ve tried various troubleshooting steps, such as checking the file paths, ensuring that the files are correctly uploaded, and reloading the project, but the issue persists.
  6. Browser and Environment: I’m using Google Chrome for development on Glitch. The issue remains consistent across different browsers.
  7. Expected Outcome: I expect the camera feed to display as it did when using the remote model URL.

Reproducible Example: I’ve provided the HTML and JavaScript code in my project. You can access it here