Telegram webhook doesn't work. Wrong response from the webhook: 403 Forbidden

I try to set up Telegram webhook.
I have such code:

const express = require("express");
const app = express();

const TelegramBot = require('node-telegram-bot-api')
const bot = new TelegramBot(process.env.TG_BOT_TOKEN);

app.use(express.json())`/bot${process.env.TG_BOT_TOKEN}`, (req, res) => {
  console.log('it works')

const listener = app.listen(process.env.PORT, () => {
  console.log("Your app is listening on port " + listener.address().port);

I checked the status at[TOKEN]/getWebhookinfo

    "ok": true,
    "result": {
        "url": "[url]/bot[TOKEN]",
        "has_custom_certificate": false,
        "pending_update_count": 2,
        "last_error_date": 1620634795,
        "last_error_message": "Wrong response from the webhook: 403 Forbidden",
        "max_connections": 40,
        "ip_address": ""

Could You please help me understand what is wrong?

Seems like glitch is blocking to non-User-agent Request, So it caused a error like this.

Can you show us what you POSTed to telegram?

I sent webhook to TG → bot.setWebHook([url]/bot${process.env.TG_BOT_TOKEN});
then type message in chat with bot like → “/start”
TG sends respond to [url]/bot${process.env.TG_BOT_TOKEN} which is rejected by

I found out that TG sends this:
update_id: 619208564,
message: {
message_id: 1353,
from: {
id: 70964655,
is_bot: false,
first_name: ‘Jeff’,
username: ‘[TGname]’,
language_code: ‘en’
chat: {
id: -567510185,
title: ‘[botname]’,
type: ‘group’,
all_members_are_administrators: true
date: 1620723557,
text: ‘/start’,
entities: [ [Object] ]

Could you try receiving a webhook somewhere other than Glitch and check if Telegram sets a User-Agent header?

It would work. Maybe Telegram didn’t have User-agent header, So the result is 403 due to ping block