Templates that use ES6 imports on the New Project menu

It’s getting kind of tough these days to stick with the require system (CommonJS). There are some modules like node-fetch (notably major version 3 and after), threejs loaders, and cross-blob that have "type": "module" in their package.json. This causes node to prohibit importing them without switching your entire project to use es6 imports. It’d be neat if glitch could adapt or create variations of starters that use node on the server-side to use es6 imports because as I found out switching your module system in the middle of a project can be a terrible experience especially when you haven’t figured out how to automate it. I would try to do this just for myself but I think it’d benefit everyone more if it was official.


“If you cannot switch to ESM, please use v2 which remains compatible with CommonJS. Critical bug fixes will continue to be published for v2.”

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