Temporary end-of-support for adding new custom domains

We’ve had to temporarily shut down the ability to add new custom domains. Here’s our update help doc with more information:

The short version:

  • Glitch currently does not support adding new custom domains
  • Existing custom domains will continue to work in their current setting.
  • If you remove your existing domains, they cannot be re-added.
  • The feature is coming back, and we’ll let you know when we have a schedule for that.

On March 1, 2023, Glitch creators reported that SSL certificates of newly added domains were not working (ie. https was not working). The third-party service we were using to provide this feature has been shut down and will remain so indefinitely. Until the Glitch team can rebuild this functionality, we will be temporarily removing the “Add Custom Domain” feature.

We do not yet know the timeframe for restoring access to the Custom Domain feature, but will share when we do. Current users who have already added a custom domain in the past will still be able to use their customer domains, as this incident only impacted the new creation of SSL certificates. That being said, if you remove your domain from a Glitch app, you will not be able to re-add it.


Do you have an ETA of when the functionality may be rebuilt, I might consider writing a tutorial on how people can get similar functionality through proxying through cf workers.

I’m also supposing that since many domains point to https://glitch.edgeapp.net/ projects that had a custom domain before may stop working? Perhaps the team can come to an agreement with the fly.io team perhaps to point glitch.edgeapp.net to a dedicated glitch ip to maintain backward compatibility.


Existing domains should not stop working, we are just unable to produce new SSL certs. We also don’t have a timeline, but as soon as I know I will tell y’all!


will existing domains have their certs renewed?

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I’ll track down more details around this, thanks for asking!

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Don’t think this was supposed to happen, but, uhh…

Somehow, the domains I registered with Glitch on Mar 2 (a day after the broken certs were reported) just… randomly got their certs around ~6PM PT (after checking, cert says that it was issued 2023-03-08 00:31:56 GMT)? No idea how or why, they just…did.

Just thought it might be a good idea to bring it up here.

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Hi - so we are actively working with the SSL cert provider to see if we can get things working again asap at least for existing domains, fortunately things are happening quite quickly! But we want to be careful about considering this resolved officially - once we’re confident things are back to normal, we’ll make that call.


Renewal shouldn’t be a problem but we’re monitoring this.


Damnit! I was going to add my subdomain for a project. I’m cursed, I tell you :sob:

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Heyo, I think I might have hit a renewal issue with SSL.

The regular glitch project domain has SSL at https://paragonday.glitch.me/
but the custom domain doesn’t have SSL at https://www.paragonday.systems/

I’ve had the CNAME pointing towards an *.edgeapp.net url for 1-2 years now — is there a chance that this url needs to be updated? Or is there a timeline for when the SSL issues will be fixed? Otherwise I’ll have to migrate the app :frowning:

Also seeing a failed renewal, I believe: https://bikebustracker.bikegridnow.com / https://bikebus.glitch.me

Hi @whosnorman (also @streicher) I’ll have the team take a look into this!

Hi @streicher - we don’t have a record of that domain being set, but a similar one (.org instead of .com) whose records appear to be pointing to Cloudflare and not any Glitch-related IP addresses so you should look into your settings over there.

We’re still looking into whether there are renewal issues for domains pointed to our SSL creation service!

Sorry, you’re correct! It’s .org and it’s currently pointed at Cloudflare, let me see if something changed on our end.

Hi @whosnorman, I’ve got an update! Can you change your CNAME records to be glitch.edgeapp.net and then let me know it’s changed. I’ll be able to reset things on my end to get you a new SSL it looks like, but your DNS settings need to be updated first. And any A records should point to

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  • The feature is coming back, and we’ll let you know when we have a schedule for that.
    → Any idea for the schedule?

A schedule for the schedule? Not yet!

Just out of curiosity, is this an issue with Fly or is Amazon/Let’s Encrypt rate limiting Glitch?

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It’s our very old (in web dev years lol) legacy Fly app that they are very kindly keeping alive for us (<3 them!), but ran into issues with last month while they were handling their own reliability issues (Kurt wrote a really great, transparent post about that on their forum).


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