Temporary Glitch Alternatives

Glitch is currently in the midst of some major outages. Here are some good alternatives.

Auto 24/7 Uptime

netlify.com - Static Sites
vercel.co - Node.js Sites
Both options are straightforward and will host your site 24/7. Neither of them have an editor similar to Glitch.


repl.it - Websites go offline after 5 minutes, has barely any downtime.

If you have any other options post them down below!
(We are going for options that new developers can use if they are unable to pay)


Should I have to interconnect netlify and vercel for a complete website? Or is vercel sufficient?

Vercel is sufficent, and I heard netlify has a bandwith limit. Another option is https://codesandbox.io but THEY SHOW ALL OF YOUR FILES TO THE PUBLIC EVEN .env. Converting a express app to a vercel app is not hard also.
repl.it has a cpu of a sloth(sorry to say) compared to glitch but also more disk space. For this reason some of my python ml projects are hosted there.


Thank you @javaarchive :)⠀

I’m looking forward to trying out Github Codespaces when it becomes available. I imagine it won’t be as newbie-friendly as Glitch, but for those of us that really need the up-time and are comfortable with a bit more complexity, it might be a good alternative.


Did you forgot to add that vercel (not Zeit) can’t host simple websites, unless they’re serverless?

I tried an example on GitHub. When, I deployed it on vercel, the CSS and js files weren’t loaded. I don’t know why it is so?
Can you share me some examples?

Kidz is moving to Netlify so we’ll have minimum downtime now.

Oh I just type now --prod into my terminal and it goes up
Example: https://mcwebsite.now.sh/Gk2k%20Shader%20Blast/index.html
Vercel hates when I load many thumbnail images, also this isn’t as intense as 20000 screeenshots it’s only like 30

You really think kidz are kidz here? We’ve 14 years full-stack developers here! :wink:


I typed just now when I was making mine. Also, the images.js file in your example didn’t loaded, although images.css loaded successfully. Can you share the github source, if you don’t mind?
I’m really new to github.

I actually never had an images.js since I copied a script from my laptop but didn’t copy the static files. Javascript was never used but I had to redo my css file to make the images show in a grid. I currently don’t have access to the complete script right now but I’ll post it here later and in gist when I access it again.
You also have to run a batch file script with imagemagick and jpegtran(if you do photography with digital cameras or samsung phones), to make thumbnails for everything so when you have large libraries you don’t spam the server

Kidz isn’t just for kids, it’s just a kid friendlier editor.

Plus we’re all kids at heart lol

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