[Tenuosly Solved] Event Listeners Hidden When Debugging Bug

While logged in using github, Event Listeners don’t show up in Chrome Developer Tools…

In case it is relevant, I am on windows & I tried deleting glitch.com cookies & local storage, & disabling all chrome extensions. I even tried it on chrome canary too.

Either I’m not seeing the same problem, or I’m not understanding what you’re seeing. I’m logged in with GitHub, and I see event listeners, both on the editor, and on my application page. Can you give me some more details? You say it happen when logged in using GitHub, so does that mean that you don’t have the problem in an incognito window?

Yes incognito also suppresses the problem. Anything that means I am logged out suppresses the problem. Oddly enough the problem had disappeared when I tested again this evening. I was extra, extra thorough investigating each time & haven’t made any changes to my setup. I already gave plenty thorough details & don’t wish to be redundant. If there is something specific you would like to know please specify it.

Unfortunately it didn’t occur to me to run the code entirely on my own machine & try to enable debug more, & verbose logging or something on client, server, & especially debugger. Hmm, debugging debuggers…

Anyhow, the problem disappeared but everyone should be aware that since we don’t have a handle on what caused or fixed it even with a methodical investigation, that it could potentially crop up again…

In case you are wondering the projects in question were the original copy on here https://glitch.com/~maze-stealer and my copy https://glitch.com/~hot-captain. I was trying to study the code for a class & was following along on a video. There seems to be 2 typos in the code which I will report on github.

The projects are just copies of the jQuery version of TodoMVC as found at http://todomvc.com & https://github.com/tastejs/todomvc.

It sounds to me like this is a Chrome bug, or possibly a problem with an extension you have installed. We shouldn’t be able to affect the list of event listeners from our code, AFAIK. I’m glad it cleared up on its own.