Terminal is broken


Terminal is impossible to use and in browser console returns: Uncaught Error: No option with key “color”

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Hey @LDG1, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Sorry for the bother; Console not working, just has broken reconnect button and New Console Options! might prove useful to you.


i’m tried to click settings button in terminal, but this is dont makes window with css settings of terminal

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If you’re trying to work with the console options, can you provide the content you dropped into the console settings here for us to take a look at?


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Can you click the options button by any chance and show us what is there!


i’m cant upload here video sorry

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@LDG1 I’m sorry, but I have no idea how you got to what you’re showing us here. Can you given us step by step directions we can follow to get to the same spot?


I’m added a color:“cyan” to the style of terminal, after i started experimenting with style but later page lagged and i’m refreshed page

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Can you post the contents of your terminal style?

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How i can do this if i’m cant click to settings button in terminal menu?ezgif-5-873ffa8caa9d

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Oh, I see! Sorry!!

Ok, can you open your browser’s developer console and type localStorage.options in the console and post the contents back here so we can see if there’s a bug? You can also delete that localStorage value and refresh the editor or console to go back to the defaults (localStorage.options = "" will do it).

Accidentally broke my terminal