Terminal readable

What’s the deal with the terminal

WTF wh a t k i n d o f wr i t i ng i s t h i s a n d h o w ca n an yo n e re a d t h i s?

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that font is only changed through your interference, go see how you did it

Hi there - so I currently see the typical* more readable font in my terminal trays. If you see a gear icon on the top left and click it, can you let me know what’s in there as well as what browser you’re using?

*Mine has { "fontSize": 16, "fontFamily": "monospace" }


ngl that looks kind of creepy


It looked different when I last looked at it :eyes:

Let me say this, This isn’t creepy. But it’s PopFont :joy::joy::joy:

By the way, This can happend with browser/device UI. Also, You can change it by tapping a gear button at top left terminal screen and changing fontFamily

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