Texa (deno web framework)

Obviously. continue this in DMs.

lol same - I hate it when i press cmd-L and some random IDE is like “jump to line kek?”


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This seems pretty compatible with express code, I may port one of my newer frameworks built on top of express to also be compatible with Texa.

Ah, Texa is written in Typescript, my enemy. And Deno supports only Typescript. Why? :sob:

The middleware system might not be so compatibable though, there are a few differences.


  • async execution
  • next(callNext: boolean = true) returns a promise (like Oak)
  • Request and response objects are different.


  • sync execution
  • next(error?: string) returns void.
  • Request and response objects are different.

Using express modules directly will not be possible, however, porting them using the same API (programming interface) will work. What I mean is using existing code and only write another middleware layer for Texa :wink:

@khalby786 Deno supports both javascript and typescript, however the majority of people choose to write in typescript. TypeScript and JavaScript modules can be used together. Deno can only actually run JavaScript, but TypeScript code is compiled before the application starts.