The actual "glitch" homepage or my projects won't load for me


This has been an issue for quite some time actually, only recently has the “about” page started to work… The homepage loads, but nothing displays- and I’ve tried refreshing, reloading with plugins, logging in on other computers, restarting my own laptop- none of those work, besides going on my phone or iPad… I’m not exactly sure what’s causing this or how i can fix it? Does anyone have any clue how to?


Do you live in Russia? Russia has banned a lot of AWS ip addresses, so Glitch has an hard time running there.

You can try to update your browser to the latest version available and see if that works. Otherwise, please open the Webconsole (F12 in Chrome/Windows) and share the errors you see here.

Thanks :slight_smile:


ahhh thank you, i don’t live in russia though- i’m in the US. but i’ll try using another browser.