The best way to hand off your Glitch project to someone else without changing the URL?


I’m no longer want to be in charge of my Glitch project and I want my colleague to take it over. What is the best way to do this hand-off? Thanks!

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Hey @scheerio what you’d need to do is to invite your colleague to the project. Once they’ve accepted that “join” request they’ll be a project member with full access to the code and ability to edit and manage the project just like you. We’ve put together a quick video of that process that you can watch in our help pages.

If you then want to stop being involved with the project you can click on your user icon under your project’s name, and in the pane that’s revealed you can choose to leave the project - once you’ve done that, though, you’ll have the same access to the project as any member of the public and if you want to edit or manage the project again someone who’s a member will have to re-invite you. Also note you can only leave a project is there are other members.

Hope that helps, and happy Glitching!