The blockly/html code editor, Learn-Code! (Domain released!)

The forum seems to be in some other language for me :flushed::grimacing:

That’s not a theme, but I’ll still look through.

Edit: there’s nothing wrong @khalby786

other edit: Yee, that’s a deleted theme…

ok fixed @khalby786

the issue was that there was no default theme lol

To make my time worse:


(that’s right)

I have done it with very little time to spare :smiley:


Keep in mind that registered users on the forum get benefits as there are some locked categories to guests, (except that guests can see the registered only projects) so make a account for for ahead of time news!

One of the final updates of the editor is here.

You can now export your code to Github (Glitch) and deploy it immediately.
You can also now fullscreen the editor!

The focus for updating the editor is a little lowered.

something will happen around next week :smiley:

What app is that?

Trello lol

used to be owned by Glitch a few years ago so I guess that is how Glitch is free without ads

Glitch has a free tier because of the money from the paid plan and historically investor money.

ack we are getting pretty off-topic @RiversideRocks

I guess that is why cori said this

a variety of sources

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Ok. new day, new update:

and this one is huge news.

we now have a domain.
we are getting a better forum.
we have two new buttons.

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I think you should continue providing updates in your forum because if I remember correctly, Tasha said no providing updates in #the-gallery anymore.


I’m making a new forum - nodeBB

and when it is done all further discussions may be continued there

I don’t like flarum though…

you can’t upload images :sob:

I think learn-code needs a theme revamp because it really isn’t that friendly on some laptops.


@code-alt I have replied to your dm, I am still updating it, just depends on who sends in bug reports and not.

There will be a revamp

and the default would be light mode

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Here’s an update on the design:

I shall reveal the editor soon!

You can continue discussion at the forum:

I might switch to self hosting discourse, which is why this came out a week later


Looks pretty cool!