The blockly/html code editor, Learn-Code! (Domain released!)

My new motto is: use IndexedDB


yeah, I found it when I was thinking that localStorage shouldn’t be the only way to store stuff. Apparently it also helps with performance since it’s not synchronus.


the secret editor is amazing!


Thank you @DerDer56

oh and yeah, try to go to another tab lol (just save before you do so :wink:)

fix for that coming soon maybe since I don’t want to focus on the secret editor

I’m also eventually going to add hosting with some kind of currency (based on the amount of time you’ve spent on the site)

and maybe the ability to add files if I have the time

Let’s see how well you do against GlitchyPastePen :wink::grin:


I really freaked out when I clicked on the editor screen and all the button just fell down

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I have a quick question: From where did you get the coding space design Where you enter the code?

wdym? would you please be a little bit clearer?

I just realized it’s CodeMirror. thanks anyway!

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New update:

Better options frame and that stuff

everyday updates just to be better than GlitchyPastePen (that’s right, @khalby786)

feel free to eat up my project hours :grinning:


Lol, challenge accepted! Lets see who is better


We are announcing a website builder for Learn Code

and yes, this is not an april fools joke, even though it is not April.

It will be coming in a few weeks, stay tuned!

@17lwinn and @khalby786 its 2 against 1 lol

I do like your editor though


Thanks! You did a good job with blockly


New update

instead of a donate button im using Arc.
HTML docs may come tomorrow.


tomorrows update:

Offline access (for your “trips” :wink:)
HTML docs

*cough cough this is gonna be hard

(i literally started coughing to this as i had to minimize my tab lol)

mini update

we are trying to improve the “front page”

and we are making hosting for selected projects (the initial plan was to make all hosting available, but that’s when I realized i’m using 50 something percent of my total disc.)

new update

New page added to Learn Code!

Another page added to Learn Code!

Mmhmm. two new buttons, how cool.

there’s also 3 pages added in this update being, home, hosting, and the changelog

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Next up (possibly)

Ability to change the language (c++ and lua included :D)

However, you can no longer run the project until you change back the language