The command "git prune; git gc" does not reduce my full disk

At night I tried to open my project at Glitch, I was shocked because suddenly the project disk became 160mb and was almost full,But I Can’t Run “git prune; git gc” Command In Terminal, Please Help :pray: (Project Name : aquariusbots)

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Chek the terminal, if an error occurs make a .gitignore file and add big files into it. THEN run it again.

There are no other files besides the main file and package.json, and the main file is empty and the package I installed is only Discord.js. So What Files Should I Put In The ‘.gitignore’ File

you should have used

npn install discord.js

instead of adding the files
run npn install discord.js in your terminal after deleting the discord js files

What he said. Node_Modules has its own 1gb that doesn’t interfere with disk limits.

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Look, Let Me Explain.The condition of the project only contains server.js and package.json, actually I also want to delete that 150mb +, but when running the git prune command in the terminal, nothing changes,Even though I have run the instructions as shown in the status area. So What Should I Do To Clean The Disk? (Sorry If the Language Is Wrong, Because My English Is Bad)

Make a .gitignore file and add server.js.

Hey maybe you can contact asking for 24hrs of more disk so you can fix the problem?

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Ok, Maybe It’s the Only Way, Thanks

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Use cd, del, and rd commands.