The console are very small at the bottom

Hye there, Why is my console look very small at the bottom when I use a desktop view on a Android chrome. Idk is it a bug or what?

Hi @SharifPoetra – if I’m understanding your post correctly, this topic might be helpful!

I think it’s something that users can’t currently change (on mobile), but they advise opening up the console in a full-page tab.

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I mean the console are very small, can we have more bigger? its to hard to look for an error if happen

This is while using the desktop view on an android phone?

@househaunt, Yes on Android chrome

It happens on my tablet too.

@SharifPoetra The reason this happens with android is because the console wasnt designed solely for the point of using it on the phone if even designed at all for the phone, so what is happening is your phone is trying to compress it to fit your screen. Your best bet for fixing this is opening the chrome settings and enable ‘View Desktop Site’. This will stop chrome from attempting to resize the console and you should have a decently usable console at the bottom.

I hope this helps!

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Click Tools and then Full Page Console.