The console doesn't start!

I press the console button, there’s a black console, and then the page just hangs and I have to close it and open it!

Is the issue still happening? Does it happen when you open the console in full screen mode.

Hi Garou,

Are you still experiencing this issue?

If so, have you tried refreshing your project?

Let me know :smiley:

How can I update my project if I can’t open a terminal? There’s still a problem!

Yes it happens, help me

What is your project name? here)

It’s not working! It’s hanging like that!

I think we might need some help from @glitch_support because this seems to be a bug.

But from the phone I have a console working, and from the computer is not!

I still think that we need some help from the staff because this is on Glitch’s side.

That’s what you think.

What do you mean by that?

I mean, you’re right, you need the help of administrators.

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Hi Garou,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this. Can you tell me the name of the project and I’ll check on our end? Also, what type of computer and web browser are you using?

Windows, Opera browser, project name: piquant-mandible, “And in general it’s in all projects, not just one!”

And by the way, can you let me edit the file node_modules? I just have my own module and I need to edit it!

About the console, unfortunately Opera isn’t one of the browsers we support. Any of these should work though:

  1. Chrome, version 41 and up
  2. IE, 11 version 11 and up
  3. Edge, version 16 and up
  4. Firefox, version 60 and up

Try one of those if possible.

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Hi again,

There’s not a way to access the node_modules directory from the editor. If your module is available as Git repository somewhere, you can try cloning it into your project from the console. Installing its dependencies may take up a lot of project space and you might run out, so be careful of that.

Hope that helps.

Can you still help? My Discord bot does not start. Maybe you will understand why.

Hey @Garou,

I suggest you make a new topic about your Discord bot not starting as your post is no longer relevant to the thread. :slight_smile: