The DisGits Project

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Welcome @tech_dude1 To The DisGits

FYI You’ve modified the MIT license, so you can’t call it MIT license any more.

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@mishavee What Do You Mean?

@KyleBurnip allow me to explain

The MIT License is a few lines of text which offically declares the project as open source, by modifying it you are in a way making a new license.

So as @mishavee said, you can’t call it an MIT license anymore because it will not be recognized by github or glitch. But what you could do is call it something else

PS. My profile on glitch is @ProTechCEO. My main project is an online OS written in JavaScript-

It is called protech-vps. Try it! It works out of the box

Can I join?

I can do Python, HTML, Bash scripts etc.

Glitch profile: