The dream site does not show up


i try to make my website on the node app i made, for a discord bot of course, but whenever i click show[live] it opens the url and the whole body is empty except for a part it says “OK”. how do i fix that? this is the site i have for unknown reason


Your project appears to be private, so I can’t comment on the specific code. The ‘OK’ is likely a 200 ok response from your webserver. Instead of rendering the response code, you want to get it to render a page instead. Assuming you’re using Express, you can do that with response.sendFile e.g.!/gold-army?path=server.js:16:5


You more than likely didn’t name the HTML file correctly. I have the same thing with my Discord bot (although without any webpage file) that prints OK when I click Show.

What did you name your HTML file?