The editor is very annoying on chrome

Hi there! I have a few problem here using the chrome browser and this is very annoying because its not happen on yandex browser but I won’t use yandex browser every time because they using too high cpu and ram of my android.

  1. I just noticed that the red dot won’t appear even there is a syntax error in my code.
  2. When creating a new file, The editor become freeze and need to wait from 1-2 minutes to wait for the file to be created.

So is this just happen to me or another else having this issue too? and how to fix it / could this possible to fixed?

@SharifPoetra I’m sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble! It sounds to me (please correct me if I’m wrong) as if the editor is running very slowly in Chrome? Do you ever see syntax errors showing up in Chrome (or is it just that they’re missing sometimes?) Also am I correct in my understanding that this is when you’re using a mobile device?

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Before I always see that red dot when there a syntax error in my code, But for this weeks I don’t see it even there a syntax error in my code.
And I always on mobile for coding!

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Hey @SharifPoetra I’m sorry for the bother!

I can’t reproduce these problems in Chrome on my mobile, and I’m not seeing any mis-behavior for linting right now. I’d love to know a sample project or two that are displaying these problems so we can take a look at those specifically - any additional information you can provide would be helpful.

If there are errors you’re receiving when you see tose delays that might be useful for us to see if there’s a way for you to capture those, and screenshots of the linting problems you’re seeing (*along with representative project names) might help us track things down.

Hi @cori! The error syntax is just missing sometimes, but the problem is when I creating a new file. The editor is freeze for a minutes and I need to wait too long to file to be created

I haven’t been able to reproduce this lagging behavior yet. Do you see the same thing in a private window with no extensions? How about from a different network or on a different device? It would be helpful to know what messages, if any, are showing up in the browser console, but that will be harder to collect on mobile, I think?


Yeah @cori, Today I just see the changes on editor that the console has more larger and now the issue about the editor is freeze for a minutes has been fixed and I can’t reproduce it, idk what you do but it’s great!