The Glitch Help Centre needs to move!

Hi there @glitch_support!
There a few problems with the new Happyfox HelpDesk Software you are using for the Help Centre, that I would love to be addressed.
The problem is:
You use the custom path for the Help Centre, like this:, whereas it’s really hosted on This means that lots of links on the help centre don’t work due to it not adding the /help to the path and instead adding it on the domain like so: (should be:
There are also a series of links you made that go to help articles that no longer work due to the change, see:

Overall, I think it would be better if the help centre was moved to not to fix the happyfox link issues and add some code to redirect links like to the new help centre articles

Hope these issues could be fixed :slight_smile:


it seems to be redirecting to happyfox for me


Not links like this:

Well, to be honest, you have got to give them time. This is really stressful for them. They are doing their best.


Sorry. What’s stressful? Moving the help centre? (Genuine question, not being rude :joy:)

I mean, they are changing a lot. And I don’t think the support page would be their top priority.


Yes, but this was just a note to let them know it should be changed, I never pushed for it to be now :slight_smile:

Hi @EddiesTech,

This is fair feedback! We have plans to update those urls in the future, but there are a few other things that are taking priority right now.

The help article links you mention that do not work should not be displayed for users. I know that there was at least one time where I accidentally gave a link like that to the a user when responding to a support request. We followed up by giving the user the correct link.

Where are you seeing those broken links now?


Hi. Mentions of these might have been changed which is good to hear. I remember finding the technical restrictions one on Google but this has been changed too. Glad to hear the feedback is being noted, the only reason I bought up my old post was because it had no replies from support, so I assumed it hadn’t been seen or dealt with. :slight_smile:

Not help links but there a lot of broken Glimmer post links.

I just found a broken link. When first formatting a file, the green box that pops up has a Learn More link that goes to, which now returns a 404 error.

It should be now.


Thanks for for letting me know! I will get that updated.