The Lyte Video Player

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This is a video player I’m trying to make look like youtube. It plays webms exclusively but is bundled with ffmpeg.js to convert them when loaded on iOS, however that takes a while for even small videos.


This looks great! I would use this in my sites!

If you have the player, maybe a youtube clone would be a good idea?

FBI: I’m gonna have to stop you there.

I’ll add more options for embedding later, and a Youtube clone is what I’m going for. Also, I’ll have the option to provide an mp4 because apple doesn’t like webms, and the transcoder is slow.

This is really cool! I would love to use something like this for videos on my website once it has mp4 support.

It does have mp4 support, just really slow mp4 support. I could’ve supported mp4, but I’m refusing on principle, but even that 30s video takes ~8 min to transcode so now i’m rethinking.

I suppose converting mp4 to webm works too.

Just a question, are you optimizing it for apple devices only?

No, I’m feature detecting for lack of webm support. AFAIK Safari is the only non-webm-supporting browser tho.