💬 The new glitch chat

i also have a question about some feature that might not be possible, but ill ask anyways. is it possible to do something like “line 16 index.html”, and it would take you to line 16 in the index.html file when you click on it? it would help people communicate which place they are. and a bunch of other things that i dont know (maybe make it easier to go to like line 10000 in a big file?) again, i dont know if this is possible, so thats why i am asking the experts here :slight_smile:

Humm, that will be difficult, but tomorrow I can try


what about this game on a command? Gswim



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@code-alt there was a small bug with the save to local storage script, because the chat did not load when the editor was loading. Bug corrected in v3.3.4

I will add a section explaining the superrickroll command later

I just made the new code inlined and that seemed to work for some reason…