The new Glitch projects

I just got the email about the new Glitch projects (~glitch-hello-webpage), (~glitch-hello-react), (~glitch-hello-eleventy).

I’ve filled out the survey but also wanted to give some feedback here on the forum.

Overall, I think they look great! They all have a new consistent design which I like much better than the old ~hello-webpage and they all follow good coding practices.

Something I would add is that in the case of 11ty I would like a direct link to the docs.

I’m also pretty glad that Glitch is now promoting static sites more (@aboutdavid)


Is there an equivalent to hello-express or something not static? I guess not yet. Or maybe these are in addition to the existing ones.

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I’d assume these are in addition, ~glitch-hello-webpage is probably going to replace ~hello-webpage.


Woah, new projects are so beautiful :star_struck: Love its design!


In order to generate a static site that uses React, you will need to be working out of a project that is a remix of ~glitch-hello-react. This means that you cannot take an existing project and turn it into a generated static site that uses React.

What do you think this means? Is there perhaps some metadata about the project that we can’t configure after the project is created? Or maybe it’s a lot of fiddly steps to do so and they’d rather not document it?


I have proof otherwise that you just need to add generated_static to the package.json file because I made a ~glitch-hello-vue without remixing from the React starter app and the Vue SPA worked as expected.


Y’all can expect the limitations list to change as we’re actively working on this!


It probaly uses the project remix chain section


@jenn How is the list of people to send this email to determined? I wasn’t included, for example. Was it cherry-picked or automated? I am just interested and I would be happy to have a look also. :slight_smile:

It’s either

  1. A percentage of people are randomly chosen and the email is sent
  2. The email sending service has a limit on how many emails can be sent in a certain amount of time and the emails haven’t reached everyone yet
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I have someone’s screenshot of the email and it says “Because you’ve expressed interest in being included in new feature previews and have given us great, thoughtful, feedback on past features…”, which makes me think it’s cherry-picked.

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oOo you’re right about that, I did remeber we had this typeform we filled out before boosted apps came out for trying out new features.

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Have you opted in for new features? I think I did a while back.

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Hi! So I sent an email to a small number of folks, but the apps are public – see @RiversideRocks original post at top which lists the names. I didn’t send it to all users because it’s all work that’s in development so we don’t want folks to think this is a “real launch” or final product. We welcome all feedback from folks in this thread!


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