The new Gogs support forum is open!

I am glad to announce that we are moving to for our support forum.

Here, you will find a place to post questions, bug reports and all things Gogs!.

We will do the same, this is our last message on the glitch support forum before we move to our new site- hosted kindly by discourse!.


  • Gogs staff/devs

Also to add on if you have any questions feel free to direct them to @17lwinn or me (@tech_dude1)!

Looks great! I cant sign in with GitHub however.

@RiversideRocks Yep, We are working on fixing it. I’ll mention you when we are done with it.

@RiversideRocks Yep, It should be fixed now!

It was the URLs we used, should be fixed now

Right, at the time of writing:

  • we support login with GitHub, discord etc.
  • we are hiring mods

Thats it!

I could be be a mod if any are needed!

@RiversideRocks I’ll follow up with you in a PM!

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My profile is no longer my profile.

Just realised that you guys had migrated the Discourse. Can I get my Trust Levels and the Booster user group back?

@khalby786 Sure thing!

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What’s the booster group pack?


Also, I’d like to get my trust levels (username: charliea21) @tech_dude1

A Booster user group. I reckon I’m providing moral support to @tech_dude1. :joy::joy::grin:

In a fashion yes…__…

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I guess that’s the only thing I can do - I think @tech_dude1 doesn’t know I can’t write in Go.

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Your registration is broken :eyes:

Hmmm, let me check something

Try it now, it should work

If login or registration does not work, we have a variety of alternatives including GitHub and discord