The online editor is very bad for me

when I start writing a code in glitch it starts to freeze and it takes 2 or 3 minutes until it works again

Hi @esponjosin, welcome to the Glitch forum and sorry for the bother!

There can be a number of reasons for this sort of problem ranging from network issues between you and the Glitch servers to problems specific to the project you’re working on.

We can’t help you much with network issues, aside from suggesting trying to access the same projects from a different network to see if the problem really is related to your network. If the problem is project-specific we can try to take a closer look if you share your project name.

The problem is not my network is only in some projects, here I leave one in which more work:

Hi @esponjosin, when I load that project I don’t have any problems loading it at all.

Sometimes problems like this fix themselves naturally when a project does its normal 12 hour restart; are you still seeing an issue? Are there other projects you’re still seeing issues with?

I have the problem when I start writing to a file, it starts to slow down my browser until it freezes. This never happened to me.
I asked other people who use glitch and they say the same thing happens

Here is a video of what happens to mebandicam2019-09-1013-25-45-833

I have also noticed this recently, I am using the editor, and coding whatever it is that I am coding, and then after some time, the editor will be EXTREMELY slow… I keep thinking if it happens because of me using this:

javascript:(function() { var currFile = application.selectedFile(); var triggerFile = application.files().filter(function (file) { return file.path() === ".trigger-rebuild"; })[0]; if (!triggerFile) { alert("u r missin smth'"); return; } application.writeToFile(triggerFile, `restart-${}`); })()

but I have never been able to confirm that, and I do not think it is but, when I use that, it does for sure slow the editor down a little bit.

I’ve been using the .trigger-rebuild for many months now and just 3-4 days ago it started to happen

@Callum-OKane do I infer correctly that you have a bookmarklet with that code and a watch.json with the ~no-autorestart solution and you click the bookmarklet when you want to trigger a restart (logging the timestamp of the restart)? Is this slowness on any particular project, or some set of projects?

@esponjosin does that describe your situation as well?

We’ve seen a few reports of sluggishness related to high file counts but nothing we’ve been able to pin down. Does that seem consistent with your experiences?

My experience in glitch is the best but in my project “esponjosin” I am forced to use the extension of vs code to edit

Yes, it is a bookmarklet for a watch.json trigger, the slowness happens to any project, but mainly “bewnce”

Edit: The slowness definitely is being caused by the bookmarklet for me in some way. It could either be the project restarting that causes it, hence why it happens for others aswell that do not use the bookmarklet, or its just a coincidence that the bookmarklet is causing this for a completely different reason that others are reporting.

I would say put an option that you choose if you want the project to restart every time you write something or to restart when you want