The rebirth of xent! ( programming language )

ok, so, back in around january, the language xen text ( known as zent, xent, or just xen text ), came onto the battle grounds of the languages of the world, and today, xent gets an upgrade to its arsenal, that’s right, my little friend, is becoming 10 times larger, and less buggy!

soon it will be taking a step closer to the world stage, where it belongs!

note: xent will not be here on glitch UNTIL I have completely rewritten it, i will also be writing a new version of xent in typescript ( had to force reset my chromebook to be able to download nodejs, so, please, don’t be negative ), and that sums everything up…

also, xent is going to also from now on, log all errors to a local file, which me and @17lwinn ( assistant in making xent ), would like to have sent to us so we can make the language better!


As well as updates to our lexer, I hopefully plan on making the CLI better! (eg, adding it as a usable linux command)


By the way, you can compile nodejs to native binaries without bundling nodejs and get speedups

I sent this to Jonyk but I don’t think he found where I pinged

Good to know @javaarchive!

Basically their goal is to make a JS programmer as fast as a C programmer. It can actually compile js to native code without a VM.


Noted, do you know of any good python to JS converters?

Skulpt works but doesn’t produce clean js. You could try

Ill give it a try, just so the CLI fits with the typescript theme

0_o @javaarchive the server with the big huge glitch icon?

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yeah that server-----


our new CLI/interpreter


!print "hello world!"

Yaay, Xent is back! :partying_face:


One more thing: is it Xent or Zent or Xent Text or Xent Test?

im gonna call it… xent

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Xent, Zent, Xen Text, Zen Text, xt, zt,

all of those ^


anything that ends with a T is allowed to be our name


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apart from anything that is copyrighted, i don’t wanna get sued :smiley:

neither do i @17lwinn so… I am looking for some folks to help out with the new xent cli, ( not rly, just the thing that runs it, the cli is what @17lwinn does ), it is being scripted in typescript, so, please, dm me on disc if you would like to assist!

EDIT: my disc is Jonyk5#1929

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if you know python, you can help me with our python CLI

DM me for details

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