The rebirth of xent! ( programming language )

hi folks! just to let y’all know, we are currently working on a plugin update for xent! there will be 2 types of plugins, 1 for the python edition, and one for the typescript edition, python edition’s will be releasing by next month, and typescript edition’s will be releasing ( with the edition at full ) on october 20th, 2020

edit: all updates will be posted on our subreddit, i do not remember the name, but, search up xentext in google and you should see it

Offical Discord Server:

We have been working long and hard, and we are proud to say, that the main parts of the plugin system are done, now we just have to test, and prepare and continue to update!

Great news! our new plugin system is now available!

check out our repo for the latest update!

update: We now have updated our docs to the newest info and such, if you would like to keep them up to date ( i won’t be for sure =P ), please dm me on discord @Jonyk5#1929

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