The "Sign up" link goes to a 404

The “Sign up” link found in the dropdown menu top left, i.e.:

Leads to which gives a 404 page:

404 Not Found

Code: NoSuchKey
Message: The specified key does not exist.
Key: sign-up
RequestId: AAAAAAB3E40FF04B
HostId: AAAaaax/333/3333333333333dHvCW8IFsHjlXiBUZyx1GFGcvG3lrcj2nThnYaaaa

In itself this is fine, and things like that are to be expected in beta software, but still I suggest making a slightly better 404 page to help users distinguish between “feature doesn’t exist yet” and “you’ve found a bug!”, or even have links like that (where you know it’ll point to an actual feature in the future) have them point to an actual info page.

Thanks for the report, we’ll fix this right away :flushed:!

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