The terminal freezes everything

Hello, I am an android user and with the new changes of the web does not let me open the terminal (console).

When I try to open it, my whole phone freezes, something that didn’t happen before. Is there a way to fix it? Because I ama programmer on android for lack of a computer and this makes me too difficult. I have a samsung galaxy a20

What browser are you using?

I’m using opera but I also tried Google chrome and the same thing happens to me

What is your ISP? (if you are ok with sharing)

I don’t think it’s that, because, as I tell you, it was working as normal before the new changes

I guess you should just email glitch support in that case.

You can email glitch support at

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Hi @ImNotStqpid,

Sorry you’re running into this and thank you for the report, we’ll take a look.

Hi @ImNotStqpid, thanks for bringing this up! We’ve verified your issue and added it to our work queue. I can’t give an estimate on when it will be fixed, but when it is I’ll post an update in this thread.


Still haven’t fixed it.