The weirdest bug I have ever seen

So I wrote a script which uses IFTTT and a webhook so I can say ”ok Google, turn on ‘bedroom light’ in ‘six’ minutes". The parts in single quotes you can say whatever you want there as I have used a text ingredient and a number ingredient.

The code can be see here:

It works perfectly and I was very happy. Until I noticed one really weird bug, and I just can’t understand it.

It works fine for all numbers except the number 5. If I say 5 minutes then instead of having the integer 5 it is passed the string “five” from the number ingredient…isn’t that how a number ingredient works??? Isn’t it always supposed to pass an integer …how is this even possible??? Why would it just be the number 5 the is passed to glitch as “five”???

Anyone have any ideas?

Sounds like a bug in IFTTT’s number ingredient handling. I’d raise a support request with them, and in the meantime, I’d create a workaround that specifically looks out for the response body value being “five” and replace it with the integer 5.

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