TheBigDeveloper - Coming Soon!

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Hmmm…did you make a custom loading screen?

Yeah how did you do that?

I sent a concept in a glitch discord just a few mins ago

hmm ill take a look.

It was magic @RiversideRocks @javaarchive

I’m starting tbdCSS, a w3CSS alternative with @Fionn


There’s a simple JS trick: make your loading bar/text to be as lightweight as possible, make it the default text, and make other elements hidden. Then use the onload property to hide the loading bar and show all the elements.

@TheBigC you should call it thebigd

@idodev I call it TheBigDeveloper or TBD. I’m making tbdCSS - a w3CSS alternative with @Fionn.

can i plz help you @TheBigC

I think we have it covered. Sorry @idodev

ok sure @thebigc

@idodev here’s a sneak peek image

Are you gonna have a login/signup page cause i can do that

No. It is a css template

No i am saying are you gonna have a login/signup page for tbd

No. W3Schools doesn’t have one so neither does TBD

wait is this only about css?