Theme not saving



when ever i open glitch since yesterday its been switching back to light theme even though i set it to dark and i re set it to dark every time it still reverts and its annoying to go every time and put it to dark but it hurts my eyes on light theme


Well, this has actually been happening to me too. It’s not a HUGE deal, however it does get annoying very fast.


Hey folks, we’re aware of some new issues with the editor theme and hope to have them fixed soon. If it’s really getting to you, it seems like the theme switches back when you go to, so if you stay in the editor you might be less likely to have your theme switched to the light version while we’re working on it.

Sorry for the bother!


Hey y’all, we release a fix for this bug this morning; your theme selection should be saving properly now, and if you run into further issues please let us know!