There is a bug when exporting project to Github

Normally it works great.
But, this condition caused the problem.

I had an npm module named sdl-translate:
I wanted to create another module named modernmt-translate but the code was exactly same as sdl-translate, just a little work was required.

So, I create a new project on Glitch and imported sdl-translate module from Github which replaced everything. After making changes I tried to export back my changes to new Github repository named modernmt-translate ( the JS input dialog box ), but strange thing is that it will show me sdl-translate when exporting on the top right and will result into an error. When I reload the project it will still show new module named modermt-translate, but strangely will try to export again to sdl-translate.

I will try to duplicate the project on Glitch and will try to export again, it may reset every setting. But, I think providing feedback is my responsibility. :smiley: Love you Glitch team!

EDIT: Duplicated the project and then only I realised that dropdown on bottom left said that I need to Grant access for exporting. Strange, when you did not ask for importing ( I imported private repositories too recently and I think I am already logged in using Github ), why did I have to allow separately for Export. Anyways, the thing that confused me was that the previous modermt-translate Glitch project was showing old sdl-translate when exporting which is fixed when I duplicated (Remix) the project. Cheers!

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@glitch_support needs to see this.


I tried it with another module and this is the bug which made it confusing.
Please check project name and check Exporting name on the right.
I exported it to:

Export worked but the export repository name on the right is confusing and scary ( :smiley: haha).
Scary because you know, I do not want any repository code to get overwritten. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @rehmat,

Thank you for the very helpful report. We’ll take a look at making this more friendly/less scary.

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