There needs to be a way to playtest safely


I wanna link it to some people to get feedback but, i don’t know of a way to have it so anyone can view, but only approved people can edit / have a alternate link i can generate for viewers.(a base 64 url would make that easy) If you don’t want it to be broken i’m fine with only one functioning at a time or limited people, i just wanna get testers but i don’t want to attract unwanted attention from someone who might try to delete my code and make me have to fix it


Hi kasaigamma,

I am not sure I get the question, but perhaps what you want is already provided by clicking on the “share” button: it provides you with 2 different urls, one for viewers and one for adding new members to the project that can then also edit it. You can send the first one to anybody, and they won’t be able to edit your code, while you can send the second one just to people you trust.

Does this help?


sorry for wasting your time, i kinda missed that feature.