There's no space in my boot


Hi botumda place can not open the place I wonder if you can reduce the space even though I do nothing, the disk is full my project name : azzureta6



Try git prune && git rc

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Hey @ediciust your project was too close to its disk limit to be able to run the commands @jarvis394 notes, although they’re the correct ones to run in your project’s console. I’ve expanded your disk space for ~24 hours to allow you to address the issue.

It looks like you’re writing to a file called json.sqlite regularly (I determined this by running git log --stat in the console) and that you don’t have a gitignore file, so the problem will eventually come back. If you run

echo 'json.sqlite' >> .gitignore
git prune
git gc

if your console you should no longer be saving changes to your sqlite file to your project’s repo, which will help keep your project’s git repo smaller so it doesn’t take up all your disk space.

Let us know how that goes!

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I don’t understand if you would do it?