They made scrollbars hard to see, so I made this

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Today on unnecessarily-hard-to-use drawing programs, six hundred independently scrolling divs on one page.


edit: oh my god we’re glitch-newsletter-famous


i spent 13 minutes doing this

also really cool!

maybe add a rickroll at the end?

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@nobody About the last note you made: good idea ...


Hello. What is a scrollbars. Thanks.
- Keiko

these things, About Scroll Bars - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

they were big in the era when people were using computers with early “mice.” you’d literally point and click/drag controls on screen to move page to page in a long document.

soon dedicated hardware for scrolling became widely available, and even newer touch interfaces used swiping to scroll, so there was hardly ever a need to interact with scrollbars anymore. but they serve as an indicator of how long the document is and where in the document you’re looking.

I suppose the next big shift is that web pages are no longer documents, and web pages that “end” drive less engagement. so there’d no longer be an “indicator” function for scrollbars either. maybe that’s why we’re seeing what we’re seeing, scrollbars disappearing now that they finally have no more work to do.

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me who still uses them for everyday things: um what?

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They’re still in use of course, but they are far less visible in browsers native UI than they used to be!


I recently found out about this the hard way
I had ported a game to WebAssembly so I could play it on more platforms. Unfortunately I found out a bit of an issue with storage: all the storage apis for browser that can store a lot of data are async which is a problem when your game isn’t coded with async in mind. So what I did as suggested by the Emscripten docs, I put a button at the bottom of the page that actually copies the saves from ram to indexeddb.

But on mobile I discovered that it was less intuitive to scroll through to click the save button especially when the game is configured to automatically resize the canvas to size of your display. Luckily I had an autosave setInterval set but that only runs…every 5 minutes.


I’m looking at you, Firefox - my scrollbar is a thin line after Firefox 100 and it’s really easy to miss it on high sens.


Funny how I’m under a version
Probaly not going to do a full software upgrade until after next week so it’ll stay like this a little longer…

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Aw but Security Vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox 100.0.2, Firefox for Android 100.3.0, Firefox ESR 91.9.1, Thunderbird 91.9.1 — Mozilla

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I think I don’t have firefox 100, either

Great news, I only use it for localhost testing of webassembly! Other than that maybe using glitch, glitch wouldn’t exploit my browser I hope…

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I don’t use it for anything. Only to have a web browser to test websites, but I think I never tested anything on Firefox.

I use it for everything!

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I prefer Chrome’s design a lot because I am habituated to it

Might need to migrate, because chrome is screwing ublock origin

Firefox does a lot to attract the “I’m used to chrome” cohort, but look at him, he still uses Chrome, and I have to get used to opening images in a new tab. Aaah

I just think Edge’s design is way too modern and Firefox’s way too old. Plus I don’t like Yandex and everything inside it is in Russian (is it spelled like this?).
PS: I had Tor, but I uninstalled it because I didn’t like it.

Firefox is customisable with css :slight_smile:

What you’re looking for is MaterialFox on this
oh disclaimer it doesn’t work well on ubuntu

however I installed the theme 2 years ago so things may have changed since then.